Decksaver Launches its Latest Drop for Spring 2024! 

This Spring drop features 22 brand new covers, released in April 2024.

Protect your K.O.II.!

The Teenage Engineering EP-133 K.O.II is a triumph of contemporary musical technology, demanding the highest level of care to preserve its cutting-edge innovation. This is exactly the role of the EP-133 K.O.II Decksaver cover. Made from sturdy polycarbonate, it offers strong protection against dust, spills, and unintentional knocks, ensuring your instrument stays in pristine condition.

Tailored to snugly fit the EP-133 K.O.II, this cover not only safeguards your equipment but also retains its stylish look and functionality. Whether you’re in the studio, on stage, or transitioning between gigs, the Decksaver cover ensures your instrument is protected and ready for action, allowing you to be perpetually prepared for those moments of spontaneous creativity.

AlphaTheta Armour

The AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo is renowned for its portable design and versatility, marking it as an indispensable asset for DJs who are always on the go. To guarantee this crucial piece of kit remains protected whilst maintaining its sleek appearance and functionality, we’ve unveiled a bespoke transparent polycarbonate lid. This lid not only guards the Omnis-Duo against dust, spills, and impacts but also permits its unique indigo charm to be visible, protecting your investment without obscuring its design.

Ideal for the itinerant DJ, this protective step ensures your equipment is constantly ready and secure, no matter where your music may lead you.

Expressive E protection

Charting the evolution of contemporary electronic music, the Expressive E Osmose stands as a pillar of innovation, renowned for its, erm, expressive capabilities and software integration. It’s an essential tool for forward-thinking musicians.

Expressive E’s latest model remains at the forefront of expressive music production, providing advanced features to inspire artists across the globe.

To safeguard this extraordinary instrument, we introduce the Osmose cover. Precision-engineered to fit the Osmose perfectly, it protects against dust, spills, and impacts, ensuring your instrument remains in peak condition for every creative endeavour.

Kontrol the protection

The Native Instruments Kontrol S49 MK3 and S61 MK3 keyboards are distinguished as dynamic and valuable resources in music production, necessitating meticulous care. Enter the Decksaver covers, crafted from robust polycarbonate to protect these instruments from dust, spills, and impacts.

Each cover is custom-made to fit the S49 MK3 and S61 MK3 precisely, ensuring optimal protection. These covers are vital for keeping your NI controllers in immaculate condition, whether they’re stored in a studio or in transit. They offer a safeguard for your investment, offering reassurance that your equipment is securely protected.

AKAI Protection

The Akai Professional APC64 has revolutionised control for Ableton Live enthusiasts, blending studio precision with live performance dynamism. It boasts 64 RGB velocity-sensitive pads with poly aftertouch, 8 assignable touch strips, and doubles as a standalone step sequencer, enriching device, pitch, and modulation management. It also includes extensive connectivity for external gear.

To safeguard this innovative controller, a custom Decksaver cover, crafted from durable polycarbonate, is now available. Designed specifically for the APC64, it protects against dust, spills, and impacts without concealing the controller’s aesthetics or restricting access to its features. This cover ensures the APC64 remains in immaculate condition, supporting your creative projects and live performances with reliability.

Roland Resistance

The Roland SPD-SX Pro sampling pad and GAIA 2 synthesiser set the benchmark in their respective fields, with performance-critical pads, controls, knobs, and keys. Now, ensuring these crucial components are shielded from external threats is achievable with custom-designed polycarbonate covers. These sturdy covers are precisely engineered to snugly fit these premium instruments.

Offering robust protection against dust, spills, and unforeseen impacts, our covers maintain the instruments’ sleek design and functionality. Equipping your Roland SPD-SX Pro and GAIA 2 with these covers ensures they remain in prime condition, ready to perform at their best, free from the risks posed by external elements.

Backup your Behringer

The Behringer Wing mixer marks a transformative advancement for both live sound engineers and studio producers, delivering unmatched versatility and control. It’s more than just an audio creation tool; it’s a significant investment in your professional arsenal. To protect this valuable asset, we’ve introduced a custom-designed polycarbonate cover tailored for the Behringer Wing. This cover shields the mixer from dust, grime, liquid spills, and unintended bumps.

Crafted to be transparent, the Decksaver cover ensures the Wing’s comprehensive display and controls are always visible, even when not in use. Its design meticulously matches the mixer’s dimensions for a snug and secure fit. With this protective cover, your Behringer Wing remains not just well-protected but also visually accessible, ready to perform whenever inspiration strikes.

Decksaver for the Drumlogue!

The Korg Drumlogue stands out as a powerful and versatile drum machine, combining analogue and digital sounds. Its complexity and worth, however, also render it a precious and sensitive asset. Enter the Decksaver Drumlogue cover, a crucial safeguard for your investment.

This cover, made from durable polycarbonate, is engineered to shield the Drumlogue from dust, spills, and accidental knocks or drops. Precisely tailored to the Drumlogue’s contours, it guarantees your equipment remains protected at all times. Equipping your Korg Drumlogue with this Decksaver cover ensures it stays in prime condition, ready for any setting, from studio to stage to transport, offering you total confidence in its protection.

No treads on your Traktor!

The Native Instruments Traktor X1 stands as an excellent update for DJs and producers, enhancing control and performance fluidity. To safeguard this marvellous piece of equipment, we’ve developed a bespoke polycarbonate cover, ensuring the X1 remains free from dust, grime, spills, and unintended damage.

Featuring a clear design, this Decksaver cover keeps the X1’s interface fully visible, maintaining access to its features even when covered. It fits the X1 precisely, complementing its elegant design without compromising form or function. With this protective cover, your Native Instruments Traktor X1 is not only shielded but also remains visually appealing and ready for action, whether in the studio or on stage.

Midas Touch for the M32R

In the evolving world of audio mixers and studio configurations, the Midas M32R has emerged as a testament to Midas’s commitment to high-quality and high-performance standards. Known for their top-tier live and studio consoles, Midas has successfully expanded its expertise to include compact mixing solutions with the M32R.

A specially designed Decksaver cover for the Midas M32R offers a perfect fit, safeguarding the mixer’s controls against dust, debris, and accidental damage. This protective cover is essential for maintaining the M32R’s condition and performance in both studio and live environments.

This cover also fits the M32R Live.

Allen & Heath Heaven

The Allen & Heath CQ-12T and CQ-18T mixers have quickly risen to prominence in the audio mixing scene, renowned for their modern aesthetics, cutting-edge features, and exceptional value. These digital mixers have garnered the attention of both professionals and enthusiasts eager to elevate their mixing prowess.

We’re thrilled to unveil the Decksaver covers for the Allen & Heath CQ-12T and CQ-18T. Designed with precision to fit each mixer model flawlessly, these covers offer robust protection from dust, spills, and the accidental knocks that come with everyday use. Ideal for studio settings, live performances, or on-the-move, these Decksaver covers are indispensable for maintaining the peak condition of your Allen & Heath mixers.

Protection for the PreSonus

Within the vibrant world of music production, the PreSonus Faderport series, including the Faderport, Faderport 8, and Faderport 16, have established themselves as premier solutions for boosting control and workflow efficiency. Celebrated for their contemporary designs and groundbreaking features, these controllers have attracted a broad spectrum of audio professionals and aficionados eager to hone their production skills.

We’re excited to reveal the launch of Decksaver covers for the entire PreSonus Faderport line, as these have been on the ‘to do’ list for a while now. Each cover is crafted with precision to match the specific contours of its designated controller, ensuring comprehensive protection from dust, spills, and the incidental knocks synonymous with daily use. Perfect for any setting, from the home studio to professional recording venues, or while on the move, these Decksaver covers are crucial for keeping your PreSonus controllers in pristine working order.

Pro-Grade Protection for the Pro X

The IK Uno Synth Pro X stands as a beacon of innovation for synthesizer enthusiasts. This device is incredibly cool! Acknowledging its significance in the music production landscape, we have developed a tailored cover, designed to protect the Uno Synth Pro X from dust, dirt, spills, and unintended impacts.

Reloop Protection Remedies

The Reloop Mixtour Pro stands as a hallmark of DJ innovation, tailor-made for the modern music mixing landscape. In recognition of its importance, we have crafted a bespoke polycarbonate cover to protect the new Pro from dust, dirt, spills, and unintended impacts.

This Decksaver cover is transparent, ensuring that the Mixtour Pro’s detailed controls and interfaces remain visible and accessible, even under protection. With this safeguard, the Reloop Mixtour Pro is not just shielded from harm; its aesthetic appeal and functional integrity are preserved, keeping it ready for creative exploration and performance in any setting.

At Decksaver, we take customer requests seriously. That’s why we’ve curated this April 2024 drop with the hottest gear in mind. All our covers are custom-designed for each piece of equipment, offering an easy and secure fit. Made from our patented, super-tough, smoked clear polycarbonate plastic, our covers provide the ultimate protection, allowing you to focus on your creativity and performance.

If you have a request, please feel free to drop us a line – we love to hear what gear people are using. And if you want to stay up to date with all things Decksaver, sign up for the Newsletter on the homepage.

Decksaver March 2024 Drop – Full List of Covers

Teenage Engineering EP–133 K.O.II cover
Native Instruments Traktor X1 cover
Allen & Heath CQ-12T cover
Allen & Heath CQ-18T cover
Native Instruments Kontrol S49 MK3 cover
Native Instruments Kontrol S61 MK3 cover
AKAI Professional APC64 cover
Expressive E Osmose cover
Roland GAIA 2 cover
IK Multimedia UNO Synth PRO X cover
Korg Drumlogue cover
Roland SPD-SX cover
PreSonus Faderport cover
PreSonus Faderport 8 cover
PreSonus Faderport 16 cover
Midas M32R cover
Behringer Wing cover
AlphaTheta Omnis-Duo cover
Behringer Crave / Edge cover
Behringer Flow 8
Behringer Wing cover
Reloop Mixtour Pro cover