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We think Decksaver covers are an essential purchase in keeping your DJ and music gear safe from spills, dust and accidental impacts.  But don’t just take our word for it: check out what some of our users from around the world think of our covers…

“As a DJ school and media outlet, we’ve had hundreds of DJ controllers, mixers and media players through our studio and I can tell you that the one weak point is knobs, buttons, faders and anything else that sticks out of the units.  Decksaver covers are such a simple idea, but work so well – they’re practically indestructible, fit perfectly and the company has a singular focus on getting them engineered and out there fast for new gear.  I don’t understand why any DJ who moves their gear around would not also want to protect it with a Decksaver.”

Phil Morse, Digital DJ Tips

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“As a product reviewer, impartiality is important to me and so I usually stop short of actually endorsing any particular products.  But Decksaver are a rare exception.  I was a customer of theirs before I began reviewing gear, and I’ll remain one, if I ever stop.

I’m lucky enough to have a lot of top-class kit around, even though much of it doesn’t belong to me, and so I truly value the peace of mind which having Decksavers safely in place on equipment provides.

Flightcases and bags are great for travel, but they aren’t so practical at home or in the studio, and that’s where Decksavers really come into their own.

It’s rare to find a range of products which all do their job perfectly, without exception, but that’s what you get with Decksaver.  Superb designs, and excellent quality, every single time.”

Mojaxx, DJ City

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“I love my Decksavers!  They keep my gear collection clean and safe.  Some of my gear is signed by legends so I love the transparency; I can still see them while I’m not using them.”

Sirus Hood, DJ & Producer

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“Decksavers are a product we strongly recommend to anybody who cares about their gear.  The perfect fit combined with the strong lightweight construction, helps protect your decks from spillages, impacts and dust.  We’ve personally used deck savers on all our own equipment for years and can’t recommend them enough!”

DJ Holland, We Are Crossfader

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“The Decksaver covers are an absolute MUST for all of my DJ and production equipment that I have in the Lab.  I use the Decksaver covers on everything from turntables (Stanton ST-150), to controllers (Vestax VCI-400), mixers (Pioneer DJM-S9, Rane Seventy-Two, & Traktor Z2) and even my production centerpiece (NI Maschine MK3).  These covers always fit each device PERFECTLY while still allowing the device to function while the covers are still attached.  Perfect for those DJ bathroom break situations. they also give your gear a more professional look when it’s not in use.“

DJ Blaze, DJ Booth Pro Audio

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“Decksaver is the perfect companion for my equipment; making sure it stays clean and protected from any accidental spillages!”

LilRockit, DJ

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“My Decksaver is incredible. I’ve always had issues with dust and dirt getting into mixers and causing problems with sliders and controls, but the Decksaver keeps my Rodecaster Pro in perfect condition and I use it every single day.”

Tom Buck, Digital Media Teacher & Creator


“Decksavers are an absolute must have for my gear, both to protect from dust, as well as for travel – a Decksaver on a synth with a rubber band to hold the two together give me peace of mind using a regular bag instead of a special bulky padded case, without worrying about knobs breaking off!”

Loopop Music

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“I have been using Decksavers for many years and if goes without saying the answer is in the name itself; they save your decks from scratches, liquids, other kit falling, transport issues and cats walking all over your Pioneer DJ XDJ-XZ!  It’s the condom for your kit!”

Johnathan Lewis, DJ Tutor

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“Decksaver covers removes some stress out of the equation and add years to your tools.”

DJ Brace

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“Brilliantly simply but essential, but your gear is naked without them”


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