We are back with our most eclectic product drop to date – a colossal 25 new covers are now available for order.

Pedal To The Metal

In a hugely exciting move for us, the Summer 2021 drop sees us take our first steps into the guitar effects market with new covers for Strymon’s hugely popular compact two-switch pedals (Bluesky, Iridium, Flint etc.) and the larger three-switch boxes (Timeline, Bigsky and Mobius).

Loved by producers, synthesists and guitarists alike – Strymon pedals are an omnipresent fixture on pedalboards across the globe.  You only need to take a quick scroll through the gear-centric pages of Instagram to see them in abundance.  A cover for these amazing creative tools will surely be welcomed by Strymon owners.

Staying on an effects pedal tip, there is also a cover for the Poly Effects Beebo Modulation pedal.  Poly Effects produce ultra-modern digital multi-FX units filled to the brim with world-class sounds – but most importantly, the Beebo features a large touch screen that is crying out for protection.

Blinded By The Lights

Designed for creating light shows on the fly without a computer, the Wolfmix W1 is a standalone performance DMX lighting controller – and the first-ever lighting unit that we have designed a cover for.  At the very crux of a lighting setup, the W1 is a unit very worthy of protection! Extreme Close Up!

Covers for podcast / broadcast setups are now becoming an integral part of the Decksaver range. Following the hugely successful Blackmagic Atem Mini cover, we’re delighted to now offer cover for its Big Brother – the Atem Mini Extreme.

Staying in the broadcasting and studio realm, we’re now also providing covers for the excellent Zoom Podtrak P4, TC Helicon GoXLR and the Solid State Logic SSL2 & SSL2+ audio interfaces.

Super High Density

A collaboration that’s been a long time in the making, Decksavers for Waldorf synthesizers are finally seeing the light of day – with covers for the Iridium, Blofeld and Pulse 2 module and Streichfett (also fits Rocket and 2-Pole).  These much-requested covers will soon give owners protective peace of mind over those all-important synths.

UDO Audio was a new name buzzing around the halls of NAMM and Superbooth in recent years, the hype around their hallowed debut synthesizer, Super 6, reaching fever-pitch.  This is a synthesizer that lives up to all the industry talk and what better seal of approval than a new Decksaver cover to protect this inspiring instrument?

Further good news for synth wizards and producers alike, comes in the form of new covers for the hugely popular Roland Jupiter XM and MV-1 Verselab.  Expanding the Decksaver synth covers range even further, new covers for Modal Electronics amazing Argon8 and Cobalt8 and Argon 8M and Cobalt 8M synthesizers are also ready to go.

The Moog Subsequent 25 is another beautiful machine worthy of the kind of protection only Decksaver covers can provide.  This cover is also compatible with the Moog Sub Phatty and our Soft-Fit inserts ensure protection for those beautiful old-school wooden cheek panels.

Also new to our huge producer range is a cover for the much-lauded Novation Circuit and Circuit Rhythm Tracks.

Going Back To My Roots

Although we have branched out into pastures new in recent years, we will always have our roots in club culture – DJ covers are still a primary focus of the brand.

The long discontinued Vestax PDX 2000 & 3000 Series turntables have seen a revival of late, with prices now on the rise, so it seems the ideal time to honour this classic deck with a shiny new Decksaver cover.

New to the DJ mixer range are covers for the hugely popular Pioneer DJ DJM-S7 and Mastersounds Radius Four Valve.  Owners of these top-tier mixers will be relieved to see a reliable protective solution reach the market.

Over in the world of digital DJ controllers, the most-requested units of the 2021 have been the Rane One and the Pioneer DJ DDJ-FLX6 – both of these elite DJ units can now be protected in a fresh Decksaver cover.

At the opposite end of the price spectrum, yet still fantastic quality, are the Hercules DJControl Starlight and Reloop Buddy & Ready DJ controllers.  These throw-in-the-backpack-and-go units are great for impromptu performances and a Decksaver LE cover is an essential partner to keep the show on the road.

Check out all the latest Decksaver covers here.