Superbooth 2024: Part 2

Superbooth 2024: Part 2 – Decksaver’s Unforgettable Superbooth Experience

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Superbooth 2024! The Decksaver team has just returned from another fantastic trip to Berlin, and once again, the experience was incredibly memorable.

Superbooth, now celebrating its 20th year, began as a modest gathering for hardware and musical instrument enthusiasts at Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Its success led to a venue change in 2017, moving to its current home at FEZ-Berlin. Nestled in the picturesque southeastern woodlands of the city, FEZ perfectly reflects the relaxed and innovative spirit of the show. Since then, Superbooth has become an unmissable fixture on the music gear calendar, attracting a diverse and passionate community year after year.

Read below as we dive deeper into the exciting innovations and highlights from Superbooth 2024!


This tent was buzzing and was one of the highlights of the show! DinSync proudly showcased their iconic range of instruments: the RE-101, RE-303, and RE-909 X0X. These machines have earned a dedicated following for their meticulous replication of classic synthesisers and drum machines, capturing the essence of vintage analogue sounds with modern reliability.

DinSync originally made their mark over a decade ago with Eurorack modules, gaining a reputation for quality and innovation in the modular synthesiser community. However, they have since pivoted to focus on replicating cult classic machines, paying extraordinary attention to detail. This shift has resonated deeply with enthusiasts who appreciate the authentic sound and feel of these beloved instruments.

The atmosphere at the DinSync booth was electric, with constant grooves filling the air and heads bouncing to the rhythm. Enthusiasts and curious onlookers alike were drawn to the booth, eager to jam on the machines and experience the tactile joy of these meticulously crafted replicas. The RE-101, RE-303, and RE-909 X0X each offer a unique slice of synthesiser history, brought back to life with modern engineering precision.

Audience members were visibly impressed, not only by the authentic sound quality but also by the intuitive interface and build quality of the instruments. The hands-on demonstrations allowed visitors to feel the connection between past and present, highlighting why DinSync’s creations have become essential tools for those passionate about analogue synthesis.

Dreadbox Murmux Adept

The highly anticipated Dreadbox Murmux Adept was unveiled at Superbooth 2024, capturing the attention of synthesiser enthusiasts worldwide. This new 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesiser is not merely a remake of the original Murmux; it represents a completely new development in analogue synthesis.

Dreadbox has emphasised that the Murmux Adept edition embodies the pinnacle of years of research, development, and passion for analogue synthesis. In their words, “The Murmux Adept edition represents the peak of years of research, development, and passion for analogue synthesis.”

One of the standout features of the Murmux Adept is its exterior design. The synthesiser boasts a striking retro aesthetic, characterised by its herringbone fabric and wooden enclosure. This combination of materials gives it a distinctive and timeless look that appeals to both the eyes and the ears.

Despite its recent release, the Murmux Adept has already achieved remarkable success. The limited run of 300 units sold out rapidly, highlighting the demand and excitement surrounding this new piece of gear. For those lucky enough to secure one, the Murmux Adept promises an unparalleled analogue synthesis experience, blending classic design with cutting-edge technology.

Synth-Werk Showcase

The synths were alive at the big modular synth booth, with heads bouncing and bodies grooving to the electronic pulses of the modular sounds.

SYNTH-WERK modules adhere to the original, unmodified designs from the 1960s, employing the same hand assembly techniques used at the Moog Music factory in Trumansburg, NY during the 60s and 70s. These modules are constructed exactly like the originals, with components hand-stuffed and hand-soldered onto circuit boards using traditional wiring methods. High-precision, carefully selected components, along with vintage NOS components, are exclusively used in their construction.

Intuitive Instruments Exquis

Intuitive Instruments unveiled their new instrument, the Exquis, which offers a revolutionary way to create music. The Exquis is a versatile musical tool designed for creators of all skill levels, allowing them to produce harmonies, chords, and melodies with minimal knowledge of music theory.

In addition, users can sync the Exquis with the Exquis App, enhancing the creative process. The app enables users to craft entire songs in just a few minutes. With the Exquis App, users can select sounds, record loops, act as the conductor, and structure their songs with complete spontaneity. This innovative combination of hardware and software empowers musicians to effortlessly bring their musical ideas to life.

Waldorf Iridium Core

A regular at the show, Waldorf showcased their new addition to their Iridium synthesiser family: the Waldorf Iridium Core. Essentially a more compact version of the Iridium, the Iridium Core is designed for portability, allowing users to take it with them wherever they go.

All Waldorf synthesisers use the “Waldorf Synthesis Platform OS,” which incorporates multiple synthesis methods and creative features. This platform offers endless sound design possibilities, including granular sampling, wavetable, virtual analogue, modular FM, and experimental resonator synthesis.

The Iridium Core boasts over 1,700 factory presets and samples from various sound designers, providing ample inspiration and creative fuel for musical endeavours.

Arturia Polybrute 12

One of the standout pieces at the show was the PolyBrute 12 by Arturia. Arturia describes it as “the most expressive synthesiser ever,” featuring a FullTouch® keyboard, an unrivalled sonic palette, and an advanced software companion that offers more sonic possibilities than any other analogue synthesiser. It’s easy to see why it captivated so many attendees.

The PolyBrute 12’s headline feature is its doubled polyphony, increasing from six to twelve voices, along with enhanced aftertouch capabilities. This synthesiser is all about expressiveness and creativity, largely thanks to its improved aftertouch.

The PolyBrute 12 offers three aftertouch modes: monophonic, polyphonic, and the innovative FullTouch mode. The FullTouch technology refers to the keyboard’s dynamic aftertouch responsiveness, capable of capturing the precise position and acceleration of each key across its entire movement range.

Arturia developed FullTouch over several years specifically for the PolyBrute 12. This combination of aftertouch modes is designed to provide maximum expressiveness to the player, enabling a sound that can transition from incredibly subtle to infinitely expansive in a single motion.

Oberheim TEO-5

The new TEO-5 is crafted to make the classic Oberheim tone palette widely accessible, encapsulating decades of analogue engineering expertise in a forward-thinking and innovative musical instrument.

The TEO-5 offers 19 modulation slots with numerous destinations, both mono and polyphonic LFOs, two envelopes, and a robust twin FX section. Uniquely, it features a cross-modulation section with thru-zero capabilities, enabling FM modulation that remains in tune across the keyboard.

With a similar form factor to the Take 5, the TEO-5 boasts a 3.5-octave Fatar keyboard with aftertouch, delivering the Oberheim sound in a more portable and affordable package.

Chompi Club Sampler

This year’s Superbooth featured an exciting new addition: the Chompi Club Sampler! The vibrant Chompi Club offers both chromatic and one-shot sampling, along with essential sound design features and built-in effects such as delay, reverb, tape saturation, tape warble, and filters. A recent firmware update enhances its capabilities, allowing for proper send and return with external effects, thus expanding its sound possibilities even further.

The Chompi Club Sampler’s intuitive interface and playful design make it accessible for musicians of all skill levels. Its robust functionality ensures that it can also serve as a powerful tool for serious music production. Ideal for both studio use and on-the-go creativity, the Chompi Club Sampler is perfect for anyone eager to delve into the world of sound sampling and explore new sonic landscapes. Hands up who would love a Decksaver cover for theirs?

Once again, Superbooth over-delivered on our expectations. It was a wonderful show, and we’re glad to be part of it. We can’t wait until next year!