Superbooth 2024: Part 1

Superbooth 2024: Part 1 – Decksaver’s Memorable Return to Berlin

The Decksaver team has just returned from another fantastic trip to Superbooth in Berlin, and the experience was once again incredibly memorable.

Superbooth, now in its 20th year, began as a gathering for enthusiasts of hardware and musical instruments at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Over time, it evolved into an independent event thanks to the visionary efforts of Herr Schneider. In 2015, he transformed Superbooth into a distinctive trade fair, leading to its relocation to the vibrant city of Berlin – one of our favourite cities.

The first standalone Superbooth took place in 2016 at Funkhaus Berlin, where 96 exhibitors came together to create an atmosphere of unparalleled connection and celebration. Those three days left a lasting imprint on everyone who attended, fostering extraordinary memories.

Superbooth’s success prompted a venue change in 2017, moving to its current home at FEZ-Berlin. Nestled in the picturesque southeastern woodlands of the city, FEZ perfectly reflects the relaxed and innovative spirit of the show. Superbooth has since become an unmissable fixture on the music gear calendar, attracting a diverse and passionate community year after year.

New covers

We unveiled a sneak peek of our new collection, featuring the Decksaver covers for the Oxi One, AKAI MPC Key 37, and AKAI MPK Mini Plus. Additionally, we showcased covers from our most recent collection, including the Teenage Engineering OP-133 K.O.II, Ableton Push 3, Roland SPD-SX, Expressive E Osmose, and more.

Many Superbooth guests who visited our stand were delighted by our spilled drink props, with some even mistaking them for the real thing!

Lego Musician

We witnessed an incredible display of creative brilliance in NuMode by Arran Hearn. Arran has crafted a series of Lego builds that astonishingly resemble various pieces of music equipment. These include a Technics turntable, a mixing desk, a drum set, a tape machine, a recording studio, and other devices commonly found in a musician’s environment. These sets sell out super-quick, so if you want one, get on the mailing list now!

Novation Wall

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Bass Station 2, Novation took an innovative approach by linking ten of these iconic synthesisers together to perform in unison. This impressive setup features a massive cut-off knob, allowing for synchronised modulation across all units. This ingenious creation not only highlights the durability and relevance of the Bass Station 2 but also showcases Novation’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of music technology. The result is a visually and sonically stunning display, combining the power of ten synths into a single, harmonious performance. This unique setup is a testament to the enduring legacy of the Bass Station 2 and its continued influence in the world of electronic music.

Live music

At our neighbour’s booth, APB Dynasonics & NEO Oyaide, they featured special performances by artists such as Louwave & Splinter (UA), Nihad Tule, Frank Kvitta, Robert Babicz, and more.

A wide range of electronic equipment was showcased, including various DinSync pieces, OTO’s BIM-BAM-BOUM, 1010Music’s Nanobox, Erica Synths’ Black Sequencer, Roland AIRA Demora, Doepfer A-100, Elektron Digitakt, and much more.

This setup created a constant uptempo atmosphere, with heads nodding and bodies moving to the beat.

New Korgs

Korg showed off the anticipated Korg Acoustic Synthesis_phase8 amongst other classic Korg equipment such as the Microkorg 2 and Kaoss Replay. The Korg Acoustic Synthesis_phase8 was much the highlight of the Korg booth, showcasing Korg’s innovative ways.

Building on the intriguing Acoustic Synthesis_phase 5 teased last year, this latest prototype showcases significant advancements and offers a glimpse into the eventual product release. The Acoustic Synthesis_phase 8 combines elements of a melodic synthesiser and a drum machine, generating sound via tuned metallic forks stimulated by electromagnetism. This unique instrument allows for interactive sound sculpting through physical manipulation, enabling players to mute, pluck, or interfere with the resonators, much like an electric guitar. With eight independent voices, a polyrhythmic sequencer, and capabilities for waveshaping, envelope control, and tremolo, the phase 8 promises a versatile and innovative approach to sound synthesis. Additionally, Korg has introduced a new version of its popular Minilogue XD synth with inverted keyboard colours and the ST1K, a tuner designed specifically for analogue synths.


Moog showed off some new and exciting gear at this year’s Superbooth with the Moog Spectravox and Moog Labyrinth, amongst other mind-blowing Moog gear.

The Spectravox is a semi-modular analogue spectral processor for Eurorack that originally debuted as a DIY project at Moogfest 2019. This new release complements Moog’s popular semi-modular 60HP synth trio, including the Mother 32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon. The Spectravox, featuring a sleek black and wood design, can be used standalone or integrated into a Eurorack system. It boasts a 20-band filter bank, an analogue oscillator, and a white noise generator, delivering rich, dynamic sounds. With versatile modulation capabilities, including an independent VCA for each band and a built-in LFO, the Spectravox opens up new sonic possibilities.

The Labyrinth also generated some buzz because of its somewhat alluring appearance. Although not officially announced yet, the Labyrinth was briefly listed on Turnlab’s online store, sparking significant interest among synth enthusiasts. The Labyrinth, which follows the Mother-32 format, joins Moog’s acclaimed semi-modular Eurorack synth family, including the Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon, and the newly released Spectravox. Featuring a primary VCO, mod VCO, ring modulator, voltage-controlled wavefolder, and filter, the Labyrinth promises versatile synthesis capabilities. With 32 patch points and dual envelope generators, it offers extensive modulation and integration options within larger Eurorack systems.


The latest release from Elektron, the Digitakt 2, took centre stage at the Elektron booth, captivating attendees with its impressive features and capabilities. This new iteration of the popular sampler and drum machine was met with widespread enthusiasm, with countless visitors eagerly trying it out. The booth was alive with energy as heads bobbed and bodies grooved to the infectious rhythms and creative impulses generated by the Digitakt 2.

Designed to inspire musicians and producers, the Digitakt 2 boasts enhanced performance and expanded functionality, building on the success of its predecessor. The device’s intuitive interface and powerful sound engine allowed users to explore new sonic territories, resulting in a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere at the booth.

For a deeper dive into the Digitakt 2 and to learn more about its features, capabilities, and potential for your music production setup, be sure to visit our comprehensive blog post on the topic here.

That rounds up part 1 of our Superbooth trip in 2024. Be sure to look out for part 2 in the coming days!