You asked and we listened!  Customer requests are massively important in deciding which Decksaver covers we make and the summer 2022 drop has been no different.

This July we have released some sizzling summer scorchers with our latest collection, featuring a total of 11 new hard-shelled protective covers, for the hottest new music gear on the planet!

The collection features a plethora of highly requested covers for DJ equipment such as the new Pioneer DDJ-REV1 & DDJ-REV7 controllers. With this new updated battle style layout and the LCD screens on the REV7, we know that the ultimate protection is warranted.

Also, for DJs, it’s time to play differently with super-tough protection for the premium Model 1 and 1.4, created by electronics-wizard, Andy Rigby-Jones and Richie Hawtin. So worry no more about unwanted dust, debris, spills or accidental impacts.

We have also crafted protective covers to make sure your revamped classic production pieces such as the Roland SP-404 MK2 and the Boss RC-505 MK2 don’t get damaged, whether at home, in the studio or at the gig.  The portable capabilities of these excellent units mean that on-the-go protection is essential to keep those screens, knobs and switches working for years to come.

Not only that, but we’re back with more Behringer covers.  The recently-released Behringer RD-9 & X-Touch DAW controller have been the talk of the town over the last year and so of course we have created suitable lids to match.

Squarp are also back, with the release of another innovative device; the Hapax. We got to play with this unit at Superbooth in May and this new device features the ability to synchronize and sequence all of your synths, DAWs together. We know how important it is to protect the highly used pad system, so a new cover joins the range

Last but not least, we see another great release from ASM; the Hydrasynth Explorer and the Sonicware LIVEN, both of which look to be strong-sellers in the synth world.  Each piece features unique standpoints such as the Hydrasynth’s 7-note mid-sized PolyTouch® key bed and the Liven’s 8-bit synthesizer. Protecting these wonderful pieces of gear is therefore an absolute must!

As always, our Decksaver covers are bespoke-designed for each piece of gear they cover for an easy and secure fit and are all made from our own patented, super-tough, smoked clear polycarbonate plastic.

Here’s the full list of new covers for the Summer 2022 Drop:

  1. Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV 7 cover
  2. Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV 1 cover
  3. Roland SP-404 MK2 cover
  4. Behringer RD-9 cover
  5. Boss RC-505 MK2 cover
  6. Behringer X-Touch cover
  7. PLAYdifferently Model 1 cover
  8. PLAYdifferently Model 1.4 cover
  9. Squarp Hapax cover
  10. Sonicware Liven cover
  11. ASM Hydrasynth Explorer cover