Decksaver hits Canada! | News | Decksaver
Canada flag

We’re delighted to announce a new addition to our global roster of distributors – Erikson Audio of Canada.

Here’s a little bit of background:

A division of JAM Industries, Erikson Audio has been distributing audio and music equipment in Canada for over 25 years. In addition to office and warehouse space in Montreal, Canada, Erikson Audio has a dedicated sales rep force calling on retailers and professional sound installers across Canada. With in-house marketing, sales, service and parts departments, Erikson Audio is dedicated to providing the quality representation demanded by the world-class manufacturers that we represent.

JAM recognized early on that it all begins in the songwriter’s studio with a musical instrument – where we started as a distribution company. Over time, we realized that passion, commitment and delivery to deadline works no matter where you apply it on the chain. So we grew into distributing Recording, Pro Audio (now our largest division), Sound, Lighting and ultimately retail consumer products. Even though we have hundreds of working partners, we don’t just take anyone on. Nobody else has both the depth and breadth of product lines that we deliver.

More music is being created, recorded and performed now than ever before. And JAM is in the unique position of seeing the new music world unfold from a fantastic vantage point - on one hand nurtured with exciting new products and technologies from our vendors - and on the other driven by the time-sensitive demands of our customers. Many of whom are now gravitating to the online environment.

We are committed to deliver on all fronts.