Learn all about the Digitakt 2!

Since its establishment in 1998 in Sweden, Elektron has been a trailblazer in music technology, constantly shaping the industry with its latest innovation—the Digitakt 2.

Advancing from the success of its predecessor, this “Digital Drum Computer & Stereo Sampler” presents a notable evolution. While maintaining the user-friendly interface beloved in the original model, the Digitakt 2 introduces a suite of advanced features aimed at enhancing both performance and creative possibilities.

Before delving into the new features of the Digitakt 2, it’s pertinent to revisit Elektron’s history and the influence of the first Digitakt. Originating as a school project, the Elektron SidStation (crafted during a computer science class), Elektron has risen to global prominence in music technology.

Over the past 25 years, Elektron has crafted over ten pioneering devices, including the Octatrack DPS-1, Analog Keys, Model:Samples, Syntakt, Machinedrum, Monomachine, and the initial Digitakt. These instruments have been embraced by iconic musicians such as New Order, Thom Yorke, Del the Funky Homosapien, Nine Inch Nails, The Chemical Brothers, and The Smashing Pumpkins, solidifying Elektron’s stature in the music realm.

The original Digitakt, launched in May 2017, played a pivotal role in establishing Elektron’s reputation. This eight-track beat maker was engineered to stretch creative limits. With over 400 pre-loaded sounds, including 23 electronic drum kits, 42 one-shot synths, 44 synth stabs and pads, 83 single-cycle oscillators and noise loops, a percussion kit, and four exquisite acoustic drum kits from renowned sample creators That Sound, the Digitakt encouraged immediate musical creativity.

Now, let’s explore the enhancements that distinguish the Digitakt 2.

Sampling Paradise

The Digitakt 2 offers 16 tracks for sampling in both stereo and mono, affording unmatched creative liberty. Each track comes with dual filters and three LFOs, facilitating detailed modulation and the generation of dynamic, textured sounds.

The sampler itself is incredibly adaptable, featuring sophisticated editing options like Warp, Stretch, and Repitch. Pair these with the Digitakt 2’s built-in effects—including bit reduction, sample rate modification, overdrive, reverb, delay, sidechain, and compression—to truly revolutionise your sounds.

Expansive Kits and Sounds

Elektron has greatly expanded the Digitakt’s stock sample library, now brimming with a rich array of drums, loops, one-shots, and textures. Each project can manage over 1,000 samples, providing extensive creative opportunities.

Additionally, the Digitakt 2 includes a recording feature that allows you to capture your own samples directly into its 20 GB of internal storage, ready for manipulation.

Advanced Sequencer

The sequencer in the Digitakt 2 is exceptionally flexible, supporting more than 100 musical scales from around the world and extending to an impressive 128 steps—double the capacity of its predecessor.

Its pioneering ‘Parameter Lock’ ensures each sound and note remains perfectly synchronised, locked to the grid for seamless integration.

Backward Compatibility

To ensure a seamless transition for existing users, the Digitakt 2 is fully compatible with projects from the original Digitakt, permitting access and continuation of your prior works without compatibility concerns.

See It in Action

Explore the expansive capabilities of the Digitakt 2 in a featured video by Son Wu, who expertly demonstrates its creative potential.

Embark on your sonic journey with the Digitakt 2 and explore the frontiers of digital sampling and sequencing!