Decksaver GE: The 2023 collection

Introducing the Decksaver GE 2023 Collection – an unparalleled lineup of protective covers designed to safeguard your gaming gear with style and precision.  As a leader in protective solutions, Decksaver is proud to announce a range of new covers for some of the most popular gaming keyboards and streaming devices on the market.



Razer Resilience:

For those immersed in the gaming world, the name Razer is synonymous with excellence.  Renowned for producing top-tier gaming gear, Razer has earned its place in the hearts of gamers worldwide.  Decksaver is excited to extend its protective covers to three of Razer’s best-selling gaming keyboards: the Deathstalker V2 Pro TKL, BlackWidow V4, and Huntsman V2 TKL.  Now you can game worry-free, knowing your Razer keyboard is shielded from the elements with a Decksaver cover.

Wooting Wonder

Wooting has emerged as one of the go-to brands for high-end custom keyboards, and the Wooting 60HE stands out as an exceptional gaming keyboard with remarkable build quality and low latency.  Decksaver is pleased to introduce the new GE Wooting 60HE cover, offering protection that matches the keyboard’s excellence.

GMMK Pro Guardian

Dallas-based hardware company Glorious has made waves in the gaming community with its fully modular mechanical keyboards.  The GMMK Pro 75, an award-winning mechanical gaming keyboard with enthusiast components, now enjoys the protection of the new Decksaver GE GMMK Pro 75 cover.  Safeguard your gaming experience with this innovative and customizable keyboard.


Ducky Defense

Ducky, synonymous with its vibrant custom keyboard-building community, now also gets the Decksaver treatment. Our covers are now available for the Ducky One 2 TKL and the Ducky One 3 TKL, ensuring that these beloved keyboards remain pristine amidst intense gaming sessions.

Realforce Reliability
Realforce, the innovators from Japan, present the Realforce GX1 – a keyboard revered in the Japanese gaming community for its high-quality build and real feel-good character.  The new Decksaver GE Realforce GX1 cover protects those precious keys and switches, ensuring your gaming experience remains without a hitch.

Azoth Armor
The ROG Azoth, with its small LED display, interactive wheel, and mechanical keys, is a hybrid gaming keyboard perfect for both video editing and gaming.  We love this keyboard and Decksaver’s hard-shelled cover, guarantees protection against spills, dust, and impacts, ensuring your gaming peripherals stay in top condition.



Steelseries Sentinel
Partnering with Steelseries, Decksaver brings forth covers designed for reliability and durability.  With a cover now available for the Apex 9 & Apex Pro TKL (2023), your Steelseries gaming gear can withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions, making it an ideal choice for those associated with renowned esports teams like FaZe Clan and Team OG.

Logitech’s Shield: Logitech’s G Series keyboards are renowned for their top-rated gaming performance and this TKL version of the G915 is proving to be a top-seller.  Decksaver now offers a dust-free life to the Logitech G915 Lightspeed TKL with a specially crafted cover, ensuring that one misplaced drink won’t end your gaming journey.



Streamdeck Fortress: For streamers and content creators, Decksaver GE covers for the Streamdeck and Streamdeck XL devices, provide a protective shield against dust, spills, and scratches when your beloved digital-workhorses are not in use.  Made of durable, water-resistant polycarbonate, these covers keep your Streamdeck devices looking new for years to come, ensuring a secure and streamlined streaming experience.

Embrace the gaming revolution with Decksaver GE 2023 Collection – where protection meets performance.

What keyboards are you using? If you want to see a cover for a gaming device we do not yet protect, drop us a line via any of the main social channels @Decksaver.