Decksaver at NAMM 2024

NAMM; the pinnacle gathering for the music industry, brought together musicians, producers, and aficionados from across the globe to this annual event in Southern California. Amidst the electrifying excitement, Decksaver revealed its latest exclusive line of protective covers for musical instruments and audio equipment.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a tour of NAMM 2024’s highlights, focusing on the pioneering product launches from a variety of companies that caught the attention of music aficionados. Visitors had the opportunity to witness the latest in music technology, from advanced instruments to cutting-edge audio equipment, showcasing the industry’s dedication to innovation and sleek design. This event underscored the collective effort of leading brands to merge functionality with aesthetics in their quest to enhance the musical experience.


AlphaTheta Arrival:

At the NAMM Show, AlphaTheta introduced us to the OMNIS DUO and Wave 8, marking significant advancements in DJ and audio technology. The OMNIS DUO, a versatile DJ controller, offers exceptional flexibility and creative potential with advanced features for both traditional and digital DJ setups. The Wave 8 speaker, designed for live and studio use, delivers superior audio quality and user-friendly operation. These innovations underscore AlphaTheta’s commitment to enhancing the creative tools available to music professionals.


Korg is back!:

Korg made headlines at a recent event by unveiling two exciting additions to its product lineup: the Korg Turntable Handytraxx and the MicroKorg 2. The Korg Turntable Handytraxx is a portable turntable designed for vinyl enthusiasts who value mobility without compromising on sound quality. It features a built-in speaker, battery operation, and USB connectivity for digitizing vinyl records, making it perfect for on-the-go listening and sampling. The MicroKorg 2, on the other hand, is the latest iteration of Korg’s iconic synthesizer, building on the legacy of the original MicroKorg. It offers enhanced synthesis capabilities, a new design, and improved functionality, catering to both professional musicians and hobbyists. With these introductions, Korg continues to innovate in the music technology space, providing tools that inspire creativity and new music experiences.

Innovative Soundscapes: Unveiling Yamaha SeqTrak, Headliner R4 Mixer, and Mackie Mobile Mix:

Yamaha, Headliner, and Mackie have each introduced noteworthy products that cater to various aspects of music production and performance, highlighting their commitment to innovation and quality in the audio industry.

Yamaha’s SeqTrak stands out as a versatile sequencer and track creation tool, designed to cater to composers and performers alike. It combines intuitive workflow with powerful sequencing capabilities, enabling users to craft complex musical arrangements with ease. The SeqTrak is notable for its user-friendly interface, extensive connectivity options, and the ability to integrate seamlessly with Yamaha’s ecosystem of instruments and software, making it a valuable asset for both studio and live settings.

The Headliner R4 mixer is a compact, performance-driven rotart DJ mixer that targets DJs who love the task of blunding with knobs rather than faders. Building on the success of the excellent R2, itt features a straightforward layout with four channels, high-quality faders, and comprehensive EQ controls, alongside built-in effects that enhance creative mixing techniques. The R4 Mixer also includes connectivity for USB, MIDI, and traditional audio inputs, offering flexibility for integrating various audio sources and equipment into a cohesive setup.

Mackie’s Mobile Mix, on the other hand, is designed for creators on the move, offering a compact and portable mixing solution without sacrificing audio quality. It provides a range of inputs and outputs for connecting microphones, instruments, and other audio devices, along with Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming. The Mobile Mix is perfect for podcasters, mobile musicians, and content creators who require a reliable, easy-to-use mixer that can handle a variety of audio tasks in any setting.

Each of these products—Yamaha’s SeqTrak, Headliner’s R4 Mixer, and Mackie’s Mobile Mix—demonstrates the manufacturers’ dedication to meeting the evolving needs of today’s musicians, producers, and audio professionals, offering innovative solutions that enhance the creative process and performance capabilities.



Sound Innovations Unleashed: The Redshift 6, Pwn Mantis Synth, and Triple Threat Pedal

At the forefront of musical innovation, the NAMM Show served as the launching pad for three standout products that promise to redefine the landscape of music production and performance: the Redshift 6 Analogue Synth, PWM Mantis Synth, and Triple Threat Pedal. Each of these devices brings a unique set of capabilities to the table, crafted to meet the evolving demands of modern musicians and producers.

Redshift 6 Analogue Synth: A masterpiece of engineering, the Redshift 6 merges the soulful warmth of vintage analogue synthesis with the precision and flexibility of contemporary design. Its architecture boasts an all-analog signal path, enriched with multiple oscillators that enable the creation of complex and layered sounds. The synth is equipped with a deep modulation matrix, offering endless possibilities for sound sculpting and innovation, making it ideal for everything from lush landscapes to pulsating leads. The Redshift 6’s interface is meticulously designed for intuitive navigation, ensuring that both newcomers and seasoned professionals can delve into its sonic depths with ease.

PWM Mantis Synth: This avant-garde instrument shatters conventional boundaries, offering a blend of digital and analog sound manipulation within a strikingly original interface. The PWM Mantis Synth is celebrated for its versatility, capable of producing a broad spectrum of sounds that range from the beautifully ethereal to the aggressively visceral. Its unique approach to synthesis combines various sound generation and modulation techniques, inviting musicians to explore new sonic frontiers. Whether it’s crafting ambient textures or leading a sonic assault, the PWM Mantis stands ready to inspire with its limitless creative potential.

Triple Threat Pedal: Designed with the performing guitarist and bassist in mind, this effects pedal integrates three distinct effects modules into one robust unit. By allowing users to mix, match, or isolate effects, the Triple Threat provides unparalleled flexibility in tailoring sounds on the fly. From creamy distortion and swirling modulation to crystalline delays and reverbs, the pedal offers a comprehensive suite of sounds that can be seamlessly integrated into any musical genre. Its sturdy construction and intuitive layout ensure that it can withstand the rigors of touring while providing easy access to an expansive sonic palette.

Displayed prominently at NAMM, these innovations captured the imagination of attendees, showcasing the endless possibilities of modern music technology. The Redshift 6, Pwn Mantis Synth, and Triple Threat Pedal each embody a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what musical equipment can achieve, offering tools that empower artists to explore, create, and perform in unprecedented ways.

Although many of the top brands have not come back to NAMM since 2020, there was still plenty to see and play with at the excellent, class-leading show.