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AIR is based in Amsterdam but has an international look and feel.

AIR represents tolerance, diversity, creativity, quality and freedom. AIR astonishes its guests with diverse electronic music programming for various people and its attention to service. AIR has exceptional audio-visual facilities, including the state of the art void acoustics sound system. There are five bars, three restrooms and two smoking areas, each with their own design and atmosphere. The keywords to AIRs interior are warm and colourful. Due to on-growing success and growth, the club has built an additional red room in 2013, hosting a total of three areas. Even though AIR is a large club with a maximum capacity of 1300, the objective is always to create an intimate atmosphere, whether there are 100 or 1000 guests.

Decksaver is an awesome idea that makes the running of the club much more efficient. Plus the covers look super cool.