Ableton Live 12 is coming in 2024 – here’s what’s new

Ableton has unveiled Ableton Live 12, the upcoming iteration of its immensely popular flagship Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), scheduled for a spring 2024 launch.  We have had a look at this new piece of software and here is what’s new…


A compelling addition to Ableton Live 12 is the MIDI Transformations and Generators tool, set to launch.  This innovative feature suggests notes and chords based on the user’s input or specified constraints, enhancing musical creativity.  The updated MIDI editor significantly extends the functionality and customization options of its predecessor.  Users can now manipulate notes freely, employing actions like stretching, chopping, slicing, or rearranging selected notes by pitch, velocity, or duration.

Furthermore, the musical scale options have been expanded.  Users are no longer confined to Western standards; instead, they can opt for alternative tunings such as Persian or Arabic, offering a broader range of creative possibilities.


Ableton Live 12 introduces a robust software named Meld, providing users with extensive sound-shaping capabilities.  Delving into the technical details, Meld features two potent macro oscillators and an advanced modulation matrix, amplifying its capabilities for intricate sound manipulation.


Meet Roar, an advanced saturation effect that introduces various visualizer options and an enticing feedback mode.  This versatile tool enables users to craft a spectrum of audio experiences, from delicate warmth to audacious sound transformations.  With three saturation stages suitable for diverse setups and a comprehensive modulation matrix, Roar provides unmatched flexibility for creative audio processing.

Granulator III

In the newest version of Robert Henke’s granular instrument, Granulator III, a significant addition is the inclusion of MPE functionality.  This feature grants precise control over note modulation elements like bend, vibrato, and glissando.  Ideal for dynamic live performances, the instrument facilitates real-time audio capture, allowing instant manipulation.  Granulator III offers three granulator types and comprehensive MPE support, enriching the range of expressive sound manipulation possibilities.

Tags and Search Functionality

A notable enhancement in Ableton Live 12 is the upgraded browser functionality.  A new system is in place for locating sounds or presets within plugins, allowing users to effortlessly search for terms like ‘airy strings’ or ‘gritty bass.’  This search yields results from sounds and presets within both stock and third-party plugins.  The introduction of the Sound Similarity Search feature further streamlines the sound selection process, enabling users to find similar sounds and instrument presets based on timbre when searching for a specific sample.

Push 3 compatibility

Although it’s still in the early stages, with the full release pending, we can confidently anticipate that the synergy between Ableton’s flagship products will offer unparalleled functionality and compatibility.  Upon the release of Ableton Live 12, it is assured that the Push 3 will receive firmware updates, ensuring seamless integration and providing complete control over the program.

In conclusion, Ableton Live 12 emerges as a game-changer in the world of digital audio workstations, promising a host of exciting features and tools that elevate the music production experience.  From the innovative MIDI transformations and generators to the powerful sound-shaping capabilities of Meld and the advanced saturation effects of Roar, Ableton Live 12 opens up new realms of creative possibilities for musicians and producers alike.  The expanded musical scale options, enhanced browser functionality, and the introduction of the Sound Similarity Search feature further showcase Ableton’s commitment to providing a seamless and inspiring workflow.

As we eagerly await the full release of Ableton Live 12 in 2024, the anticipation for the compatibility of Push 3 with firmware updates adds another layer of excitement. The assurance of unparalleled functionality and seamless integration between Ableton’s flagship products underscores the brand’s dedication to empowering artists in their musical endeavors. With these groundbreaking features on the horizon, Ableton Live 12 is poised to redefine the landscape of music production, offering a dynamic and immersive platform for creative expression. Stay tuned for the future of music-making with Ableton Live 12!